If you are new to the concept of physical therapy for your child you may wonder what to expect. To help address some of your concerns/questions we've put together a list of frequently asked questions and our responses. We welcome your input and are open to updating this list so please feel free to contact us.

Don’t know if your child needs therapy? It’s common for parents to wonder if their child is moving normally or learning the skills at the right age. It’s also common in families to see a minor disturbance (toes turn in, turn out, slow to learn to sit) and wonder if therapy could be helpful. Ability Pediatric Physical Therapy, LLC can provide an evaluation specific to your questions.

Is “shopping” for a therapist discouraged? Consumers should find a therapy setting to match their needs. As needs change, the setting may need to change.

My child already has a physical therapist. Would a different type of therapy be beneficial? There are many variations in pediatric physical therapy. Even in the “mainstream” medical model, therapists vary in their selection of treatments, how they work with parents, and their theories of how individuals learn motor skills. Therapists often develop areas of expertise. Sometimes families benefit from a fresh approach for a period of time, then return to a previous provider. You are welcome to have an evaluation at Ability Pediatric Physical Therapy, LLC or a short period of therapy to see how you and your youngster respond.

My child’s therapist would like advice regarding my child’s current treatment. Can you help? Ability Pediatric Physical Therapy, LLC is happy to talk with therapists over the phone or in person. A consultative visit with your child and therapist can be arranged.

Does Ability Pediatric Physical Therapy, LLC have Occupational and Speech Therapy? No, but therapists of these disciplines have offices in the same building and share space and equipment. Treatment programs are coordinated for families. Many families take advantage of having all 3 services in one location. Providers are listed here.

Is a physician referral or prescription needed? Contact your insurance company to learn current rules for your policy. Medicaid, Denali KidCare amd TEFRA policies all require physician prescription. The referral/rx can be faxed to 1-888-783-9518.

Still need more information? Here's a list of web sites that are very informative:

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