About Us

  • The owners each have extensive experience as pediatric physical therapists. Joyce & Mary are considered experts in the field of pediatric physical therapy and as such are often invited to participate as lecturers. You may view their contributions here:
    Advanced training and contributions: Joyce, Mary
    Speaking events: Joyce, Mary

  • The owners share their expertise with other physical therapists in the clinic through supervision and mentoring.

  • Treatment is evidence-based, varied, and has a manual or hands on component that is hard to find. The hands-on component is the Perception Action Approach. A video is available HERE.

  • Occupational and Speech therapy providers have separate business. These are in the same, small, friendly location.

  • Parents or other caregivers participate in each treatment. They assist the therapist, advise the therapist regarding family priorities, and learn techniques to use at home.

  • Variable schedules, including periodic rechecks are available. Episodes of care rather than continuous therapy are recommended in many instances.

  • Serial casting as contracture management is provided on site.

  • Bracing needs are coordinated with local prosthetic/orthotic providers.

  • Out patient visits are usually in the office. Home visits are available.